Frenzied Excavation

Just below the rim of a solid orange ridge, three small flames nervously chatter. Each flame balanced precariously atop a charred and flaccid stalk sprouting beneath it. Aggregate heat erodes the encompassing precipice, boring out a heart-shaped basin to collect and suspend liquid debris. Rising up from the viscous transparency, the weary, emblazoned limbs flaunt searing, yellow-red crowns – an emissaries crest bestowed in active duty. Caught in a calamitous cycle, they convey the pools nourishment to the stubborn flames. The embankment weeps. The reservoir fills. And fixed upon their stilts in triangular formation the three flames surge upward in idle repetition. They struggle for a glimpse of the summit. Oblivious. The frenzied excavation persists.


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One Response to “Frenzied Excavation”

  1. megaberg Says:

    Maybe if I say something… you will too. Lend me your insight.

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