Supporting Character: Clara (Young Wife)

Clara is under-educated, and grandly naive, but her intentions are mostly pure. She takes directions and follows the role set in front of her, mostly for lack of being able to make her own. She is very submissive, and susceptible to suggestion. She is a worker bee. She most commonly responds to stress with tears, which she knows will likely get her out of trouble, and spoiled with something frivolous. Her mother was a Ute Indian and her father an Irish immigrant who came to Utah to seek labor in the mines and settled in Provo, where natives that lived along Utah Lake had recently been displaced. Her mother was raped and murdered, along with other Ute women who took up residence with white immigrants, by Mormon’s disguised as Paiutes, stealing horses, and even going as far as kidnapping some of the village children to shroud their savage theatrics. Her father, his brother, and sister-in-law raised her, so she grew up along-side cousins who took a dominating role. Her father drank heavily but was kind, though he became withdrawn more and more over time, showing her little affection. She fancied adventure but lacked the courage to find it. She wishes secretly for a whole new life, but when confronted about her involvement with Sebastian, she becomes vehemently defensive of her role within the family.

She reminds Sebastian of a girl he grew up with that was younger than him, whom died by trampling of horse and carriage in Penn. He was always protective of her as she had an abusive father, and though they never did anything about it, they would talk about plans of running away to some far off, exotic place. He was shocked to see how much pain the loss of the daughter caused her father – this made him ponder on the duality of man, and how people could destroy what they held so dear. This angered him deeply, and as an abused child himself, it darkened his soul and embittered his future endeavors. He is a rescuer to satisfy his own loss and loneliness, while creating a hierarchy of sub-ordinates to help his ego battle his super-ego. Her presence in his life depicts his lack of control and his attempts to grasp at it through manipulation. If he is scorn or rejected by Margaret (who he seeks approval from desperately), he always has Clara to fall back on, or abuse emotionally to boost his own self-esteem.


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