Supporting Character: Margaret (Eldest Wife)

Margaret has become confident and does not mince words now that she knows all too well what she is up against with Sebastian. She was brought up in a modestly strict environment, which was utilitarian for the most part – minimal frills. Though her father is wealthy, he is also very conservative and frugal to a fault. There wasn’t much to say about her mother, as she was present physically, but rarely emotionally – she was strict within reason, showing minute affection to the children. She was closer to her colored house labor than her parents. Her education was thorough, home schooled by her mother. This transposes in her role as mother, head sister-wife, and her waning tolerance of Sabe. She is of mind (like Sebastian’s mother) to continue learning throughout life, even when Sebastian attempts to keep materials away from her, beyond those she uses to teach the children. Her heart does not reside in the valley or within the scope of country life. She longs to return to the city, if only she could find a way to undo the life she had been swindled into. But, a divorce or separation would tarnish the family name – unacceptable. She was caged by a wolf.

For Sebastian she serves a dual purpose of a segregate mother to himself, and as a vessel to coerce his way into the Mormon culture and into her father’s vast pocket book. When he fled the east to escape bad business practices and staggering, life-threatening debt, Margaret had been seven months pregnant and widowed. She hadn’t been able to conceive before her late husband passed away suddenly and without warning – never knowing about the child. Sabe was a few years younger than her, and when they met he played the part of love-swooned courter with perfection. He was handsome and full of ambition, and made an impression with her parents, her father’s business associates, and the church. He always knew what to say (even when caught in unsavory scenarios). Her parents not only blessed the marriage, but her father brought him into the family business. After some failed ventures, a lost (and expensive) bid for a political seat, and the immersion of personal ‘quarks,’ as her father put it, he was granted an allowance and a parcel of land 2 days south of Provo in the Utah valley for growing cattle and tobacco. Her father thought it best suiting to his personality to be more independent and away from perspective investors. Margaret, however, knew much more about the darkness inside Sabe, and had found herself with a grown child (besides their other children), who was susceptible to tantrums and fits of rage, followed by regret and lavishing.


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2 Responses to “Supporting Character: Margaret (Eldest Wife)”

  1. Christine Fichtner Says:

    Seems like an interesting character! I do wonder why she wants to return to the city specifically, rather than simply anywhere else. She does not seem particularly close with her family, so is there another reason she wants to go back? Or is it simply to escape her current situation?

    • zerocharisma Says:

      Thanks again, Christine. Very valid question! As you’re aware, Margaret has become the dominant member of her ‘local’ family over time and leaned experience – so, geography affects her status. A large part of her, however, doesn’t want to be the ‘queen bee’, and another relationship, that I must keep secret, fuels her urge. She is afraid of the new, yearns less responsibility, and she honestly feels the things she held against her family have been petty by comparison. She is willing to forgive their shortcomings. Hope this makes sense, without giving all away. ❤ #zerocharisma

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