I’ve Never Understood Hate…

I simply can’t understand hate for people you don’t understand… We should all be able to understand love and the pursuit of happiness, at least. Equal rights don’t equal just your perspective. We waste so much energy on all the wrong points. It really is so much more simple.

If the outcome is growth and love, then what the hell is wrong? And your argument has got to be logical. Don’t tell me because some book says so. Make up your own mind using the logic you have right there inside your own noggin.

Even the Slingblade guy can figure it out.

Or, is it because it challenges what your rationale is and thats what scares you? Weighing both sides out, the negative one seems to be the most negative for some reason.

If God gave you the power of observation and critical thinking, don’t you think you should figure out what makes real sense? No one is trying to deceive you, they are just trying to show you that they aren’t really that different from you. It’s not a trick.

Maybe, just maybe you should think about it and if you still can’t find it in your heart to forgive that which you don’t understand, well, then I forgive you.

❤ #zerocharisma


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