Burglary Awakening

I’ve been gone a while. Apologies. I entered a pretty deep emotional abyss and needed to fight my way out.

I haven’t stopped writing. I admit it’s been rough. But, something slapped me awake and has got me thinking in a crazy way.

My home was burglarized twice in five days, and I had contact with the perp both times.

I realized how much I truly take for granted. And how amazing my life and talents really are.

I’m back.


2 Responses to “Burglary Awakening”

  1. Christina Bourgeois Says:

    Wow. Glad to hear you are back and ready to fight. My parents home was broken into ten years ago and my mom is still convinced they will come back. It’s a pretty intense scare to have your personal sense of safety invaded and damaged in that way. Thankfully you weren’t hurt. Welcome back, your absence was noticed and you were missed. 🙂

    • zerocharisma Says:

      Indeed it was intense! And the drama continues to unfold around my neighborhood. I think it’s very likely these bastards will get caught. Thanks for the kind words and I am so glad to be back and sharing.

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