Sorting Things Out…

Well, if you’d like to know, I haven’t stopped writing. In fact I’ve made lots of progress in the past several months, within my core story and it has been developing into something quite amazing. My search for an illustrator that fits my genre and syncs with me on a fundamental level has been fruitless, so to say. My own artwork and skills have been called out by friends and artists alike, as being more than suitable as a source for this story turning into a graphic novel. And, as I try to work out what the future of Dark Alcove will be, as do I ponder deeply about whether or not I want so much responsibility and control in creating this universe I’ve stumbled upon. On one note it would create a fantastic amount of work, keeping me entirely busy – hobbies and extra curriculars. And another note, in the same tune, would be the lack of dimension it would create in not having one or more creative inputs invested in this project. This is probably the most important part of the equation and I don’t think I want to let go of that goal of robust quality and scope. So I think I need to continue searching, continue writing, and come back here more often for input, advice, and share mine with you all as well.

❤ 0charm


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